Knowing how the body functions as a whole and using that knowledge to bring healing to an injured area can make all the difference in the outcome of rehabilitation efforts.
— Anita Furbush, PT;

Postural Restoration

Get strong, Get Better, Get Faster with Postural Restoration! Postural restoration or PRI is a process of rehabilitation that begins with repositioning of the diaphragm and pelvic position to create the foundation for optimal function. Using manual and non-manual techniques, PRI therapists are trained to look look beyond the sore spot or weakness to identify what the underlying problem is instead of just treating the symptom. Through a comprehensive evaluation to assess the position and orientation of the pelvis, ribcage and the cranium ( head and neck ); PRI looks at the whole picture, no matter where the pain or weakness is.

Change the way you breathe to relieve stress, boost energy and get stronger.

The Value of Blowing up a Balloon.


Personal Training

Wendy Stevens is a highly accredited personal trainer with over 20 years of experience training young adults through seniors. In small groups and individual training sessions at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. Wendy's credentials include IDEA, ISSA and ACSM. Wendy uses her knowledge and training in Postural Restoration to constantly evaluate your alignment to make sure you are training and preforming at your highest level possible.

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I get most excited about modifying how people envision their bodies and teaching them how they can positively affect their physical well-being.